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Our Work

To help on a local and global scale through a set of interrelated programs.

All programs have the common goal of focusing on community support, including small-scale construction projects, community awareness, educational opportunities and more.

By addressing these diverse aspects of community support, programs aim to uplift communities, improve quality of life, and foster resilience in the face of challenges.


Education Sponsorship Program (ESP)

Provide financial assistance for children-- who are at risk of dropping out of school due to family financial hardship--to continue their education from primary to middle school, or through high school.

New School Program (NSP)

Construction of new schools to provide free primary education to children from 1st – 5th grades in remote villages in the Central and Southern Vietnam.


Vaccination & Hepatitis B Preventative Care (VAKC)

We provide Hepatitis B vaccinations to disadvantaged children aged 5 to 10 in rural Vietnam, safeguarding their health and fostering a brighter future.

Mobile Healthcare Program (MHP)

Provides direct in-kind and financial aids to disadvantaged children and their families who are victims of natural disasters through out Vietnam.

Economic Development

Vocational Training

Comprehensive vocational training programs offered to individuals, enhancing their workforce opportunities by providing specialized skills and industry-relevant knowledge.

Cattle Raising Program (CRP)

Our unique livestock loan and husbandry program promotes economic self-sufficiency and basic education for children and their families through financial incentives.

Special Projects 

Saving Children in Crisis (SCIC)

Help in preventing sexual trafficking of Vietnamese and Cambodian children and young women by providing financial assistance, shelter and vocational options.

Youth Mentorship Program (YoMP)

Developed to serve students who lack the awareness of available resources such as grants, scholarships in future high-demand careers, and access to successful leaders and professionals in the community.

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