October 28, 2018 - SAVE THE DATE
   30th Anniversary Gala

Sunday, October 28, 2018 6pm-10pm
Quinlan Community Center
10185 N. Stelling Road Cupertino, CA 95014

                                Join us for a lively evening that features delicious                                              gourmet food from our BLOOM catering service. Share with us the numerous success stories of children who have overcome their misfortune through your support. And help us recognize the dedication and passion of our staff in Vietnam, all volunteers and donors who are making a difference in these children’s lives every day.
Together, we look forward to another 30 years of helping “one child at a time”.
Please RSVP to Andrew Nguyen:   30thyear.info@acwp.org​

December 2020

Thanks to WFG foundation and Le van Tuyen Scholarship Foundation donation. We havve built 2 more schools in Dalat and Hue- Vietnam

Imagine your 5 yr old daughter, son, nephew/niece, or even just a child next door being sold as slaves for sex with grown men!
We’re talking about the horrific crimes that go on behind closed doors in third world countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. Unfortunately, such crime does exist and these children are victims of a fast growing industry of “child sex trafficking”. What can we do to stop this? How can we help?

                                                                     ...Read more 


You can help ACWP continue its mission to help children help themselves by supporting our most innovative venture to date - funding vocational programs abroad by catering gourmet cuisines here in the BLOOM CATERING SERVICE.
Check out BLOOM website

BLOOM Catering USA facebook

for more information.

January 2021

One good new for our kids - A wonderful Christmas gift from IBM employees and retirees who have pledged around  $15,000 to ACWP during the IBM 2020-2021  Employee Charitable Contribution Campaign.


ACWP Mailing Address

P.O. Box 21066, 
San Jose, CA 95151 - USA

ACWP took a huge leap in 2017-2018 to expand our mission and vision.  We are  starting a non-profit post-secondary vocational school called Knowledge  Innovations   Academy! www.kiacademyusa.org .

The school will offer basic level courses in Accounting, Computer Applications, Culinary, Electronics Engineering Technician, and English. We believe that education has always been the root of change. Helping students develop marketable skills in addition to personnel development so students are able to contribute to society is our number one priority. We aim to provide career and education opportunities to children and disadvantaged people at the local and international level.

If you are interested in helping us fulfill ACWP’s next chapter, please feel free to contact us at kiainfo@acwp.org. Your continued support and encouragement help us help one child at a time. 


3233 De La Cruz Blvd, Unit  D

Santa Clara, CA 95054



BLOOM stands for:

"Because Love Overcomes One's Misfortune"

The  BLOOM Saigon Vocational Training Facility have been a dream of ACWP for years. 
Now the MAY restaurant/ BLOOM Saigon is officially managed by ACWP . The menu caters Authentic Vietnamese specialties  and Asian Fusion dishes will be added after our BLOOM Catering (www.bloomcatering.org) Chefs from USA come to Vietnam for the training.
We are rearranging the BLOOM Saigon, and step-by-step, we will soon set up BLOOM vocational training program and a service-oriented English course for staffs and other scholarship students.

If you are planning to come to Vietnam  please visit ACWP's new restaurant to try it out . The restaurant is running with current restaurant staffs , ACWP's General manager  and  a Volunteer  Marketing Manager - INY TRAN.

Check us out on Facebook:


(Vocational School)

More information and if you would like to donate online click the link below:

"Donate to Medical Mission San Jose " or send the check to ACWP office:

ACWP-134 Martinvale Ln , San Jose ca 95119  with a memo :" DONATION to 2016 MEDICAL MISSION 

Your donation is fully tax deductible.  It is a collective effort to make it possible and it will have a lasting impact on everyone involved. 


SCIC-Saving children in Crisis

Dear supporters of ACWP,
Aid to Children Without Parents (ACWP) is about giving back to our most needed communities and currently, our country is in a state of emergency. 

At this time, ACWP and BLOOM Catering are working together to provide meals to essential workers who are on the front line to provide shelter and assistance to the homeless people, senior group, and homeless people.

Since March 2020, With the donation from private and BLOOM‘s own pocket, Bloom has been delivered more than 20 thousands meals helping many groups to deliver hot meals to homeless folks and continue to deliver healthy nutrition meals to any family who are COVID-19 positive or who have been exposed to COVID-19 need to be quarantined and there are many people who are still working to keep our community safe, which includes doctors, nurses, polices,  and various non-profits. They are currently the most at risk, and to keep them safe, we can donate and stay home.

Since May 2020, BLOOM & ACWP  partnered with WORK CENTRAL KITCHEN to deliver more than 70 thousand meals thru the program called Great Plate Delivery which is designed to support adults 65 and older and adults 60-64 who are at high-risk from COVID-19, in staying home and staying healthy by delivering two nutritious meals a day during the COVID crisis.

We need your support!

 Donate directly to ACWP - All donations will go toward providing meals projects. PLease clicjk to the DONATE NOW Button on the top of this web page. Thanks, and Please Stay Safe and Be healthy. Together we can make things happened.

ACWP Office

3233 De La Cruz Blvd, Unit D

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Tel: +1.408.210.5946

Email:  info@acwp.org

December 01, 2020
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 Medical Mission Trip 
In 2009, a group of highly dedicated people from the healthcare fields in San Jose came together with a mission to provide basic medical care to most disadvantaged populations in Vietnam. 

From July 15-30 this team will be working in remote communes and districts in  Hue and  province in the Mekong Delta. 

ACWP-Aid to Children Without Parents, 
​Since 1988