• Cattle Raising Program(CRP) : A livestock loaning and husbandry program with financial assistance as incentives to encourage children to obtain basic education while promoting economic self-sufficiency for the child and his/her family.

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​ Our BLOOM Restaurant (HUE) pastry chef currently establishes his own BLOOM CAKES business in Hue while continuing to train new pastry students. Please stop by and check it out if you will travel to Hue.  Read More..

At Open Heart, we aim to rebuild hope where it’s been damaged or lost. We work with those in need, those who are underprivileged, and those who are underserved to rebuild and restructure. Our focus lies on community efforts, including small-scale construction protects, shelter, food aid, community awareness, and educational opportunities. We firmly believe it takes a village to raise a child, and if you work on creating the most well equipped society you can, so many problems simply work themselves out.


Aid to Children Without Parents (ACWP) offers many different programs in the US and Vietnam. Our scope includes the following programs:


  • BLOOM Culinary/IT School: A vocational training program in Culinary, Hotel & Tourism Hospitality, and job placements at international hotel and restaurant.

BLOOM Saigon Restaurant & Training Facility in SAIGON Vietnam:      

  • Bloom Cake in HUe.
  • Bloom Hue Restaurant  (Closed)        

Volunteer Medical Outreach (VMO) : 



Established in 2008, Volunteers for Medical Outreach (VMO) is a student run organization composed of highly dedicated UC Berkeley students at the University of California, Berkeley. 

VMO works with Aid for Children Without Parents (ACWP)  reach their goals. To integrate their efforts, they travel alongside ACWP  doctors, and Vietnamese volunteer staff during medical mobile clinic trips . VMO members fundraise and collect donations throughout the academic year to buy medicines and medical supplies needed to run mobile clinics, hepatitis B vaccination clinics, and corrective surgery programs held each summer in Vietnam. In addition, VMO members assist doctors during clinical sessions as well as teach basic health lessons to school children. 

During the VMO mobile clinic trips, their members write about their experiences to not only share with others, but also to self reflect. Follow them and their stories at : 



  • Corrective Surgery Program (CSP):                          Provides corrective surgery free of cost for disadvantaged children living in the rural areas and those who suffer with birth defects or other deformities.
  • Emergency Relief Program (ERP):                           Provides direct in-kind and financial aids to disadvantaged children and their families who are victims of natural disasters through out Vietnam.
  • Mobile Healthcare Program (MHP) :                                     A mobile health clinic, as part of the medical out-reach program, which provide basic healthcare services to disadvantaged and low income children and adults in the rural areas.
  • Vaccination for Kids Campaign (VaKC):     Provides Hepatitis B vaccinations to disadvantaged children between the ages of 5 to 10 years old in rural areas of Vietnam.


  • Education Sponsorship Program (ESP):            Provide financial assistance for children-- who are at risk of dropping out of school due to family financial hardship--to continue their education from primary to middle school, or through high school.
  • New School Program (NSP): Construction of new schools to provide free primary education to children from 1st – 5th grades in remote villages in the Central and Southern Vietnam.
  • Higher Education Program(HEP) : A continuation to ACWP’s Educational Sponsorship Program -- provide further financial assistance to gifted high school students who have graduated with high academic excellence –to obtain higher learning at the university level.


  • Saving Children in Crisis (SCIC):                                   To help in preventing sexual trafficking of Vietnamese and Cambodian children and young women by providing financial assistance, shelter, and vocational training options. Read More....
  • Man Coi Shelter-
    Where ACWP help provide dinners for street kids in the area around Binh Thanh, outskirt of Saigon. The children are orphans or from poor families who have to work on the streets to support their families. Their ages range from 5 to 15. They earn money by selling lotteries or collecting trash/recyclables.
  •  Youth Mentorship Program (YoMP )                  Developed to serve students from High school, Community colleges, and Universities who lack the awareness of available resources such as grants, scholarships in future high-demand careers, and access to successful leaders and professionals in the community

BLOOM Restaurant in Hue has been closed due to the end of the lease. We are still looking at new location to re-open again. But we have opened new BLOOM SAIGON restaurant in  Saigon (TP HCM) in 2015

ACWP-Aid to Children Without Parents, 
​Since 1988