Our youngest ACWP member, 8 yr-old 3rd Grader - Trip Report

Our youngest ACWP member, 8 yrs-old 3rd Grader - Trip Report Dec. 2007

I went to Vietnam with a couple of ACWP members and my parents.   Their names are Bác Bình and Cô Mai.  They are the head sponsors of ACWP which stands for Aid to Children Without Parents.  This group helps children in Vietnam by raising money to build new schools, pay for teachers’ salaries, and giving children milk.

The purpose of our trip is to see schools, pass out new uniforms, and to see the schools first hand.  We want to know what they need instead of giving to the children what they do not need.

ACWP’s goal for this trip was to help young adults and children.  My goal was to learn about being a waitress and a baker. 

The first city that we went to is Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam.   It was very cold.  On some days, it was sunny. Most of the other days that I stayed there, it was cloudy and cold.  Yes, it did rain on one day when we were going to Hoa Sua which to me, in Vietnamese means “flower’s milk”.  My mom tells me it is a type of local flower.
At Hoa Sua, I got to paint with the Deaf and Mute students.  Then I learned how to sew from Chi Linh.  I sewed coin purses and a big purse that had one handle.  When I held it, the purse looks like a triangle.  The color of my purse was yellow. The color of the handle was white.  Chi Linh taught me sign language so I can talk to her and the other students there.   I felt sorry for them for having disabilities. I just want them to know that they are not the only ones that have disabilities.  They will feel more comfortable knowing that even though they have disabilities, they are still smart and can do things that other people can do.

Then we flew on an airplane to Hue which is Central Vietnam.

We went to BLOOM Restaurant almost every day.   BLOOM stands for Because Love Overcomes One’s Misfortune.  This restaurant is a training facility.  I got to wait on several customers.

When I was giving one customer pastries that she had ordered, she said, “Little Girl, you speak very good English” and I thought to myself, “Of course I do, I can’t even speak Vietnamese.”

I even got to make custard crusts that were used for pumpkin pies and custards.  I watched the pastries Chef and his assistant make Christmas tree cake, lemon meringue cake, chocolate cookies, dinner rolls, and croissants.  The pastries Chef also let me decorate the cookies because he saw my designs that I was drawing on a notepad that he let me draw on.  

The best part about the trip in Hue was for me to ride on the back and front of the motorcycle.  Co Tran gave me the “sautéed” ride.

In Hue, I went to three schools and I got to give six students some toys.   The reasons why I gave the students toys were that I don’t play with the toys anymore and the students don’t even have one toy.   I feel bad for them.  My mom and I thought of an ACWP Toy Drive so the kids that don’t have any toys can have at least one toy.  We will ask my friends for their old toys that they don’t want or play with and we will give the toys to the kids in Vietnam. 

In Saigon also known as Ho Chi Minh City, we stayed at Saigon for one night.  Then we flew to Phu Quoc island for vacation with my Grandma that I call Ba Noi.  We unpacked and my Grandma and I got my own room.  We kicked my parents out. 

Then I told my dad that I wanted to go to the beach and swim.  We went!   Afterward, we went to the swimming pool.  My dad opened his eyes under water.  It was very blurry for him.  He said , it stings, it has a lot of chlorine.  I laughed at him and said, “Too bad you don’t have goggles like me”.   My dad then went up but I stayed in the swimming pool.  I stayed in.  I like swimming!

 Maddie Nhu-An Do