Ong Ba Le Van Tuyen Memoriam Fund

Since 2008, Le Van Tuyen Memoriam Fund
has collected over $48,000 plus matching corporate funds for ACWP programs

in loving memory of
Ba Ma', Ong Ba` Noi/Ngoai, Ong Ba` Co Noi/Ngoai, Di`/Duong va Bac  



December 2009 Donors to Le Van Tuyen Memoriam Fund 

collected over $21,505 to fund academic scholarships across southern Vietnam, operational costs to maintain the newly built school in Danang, add more class rooms, sponsor several health clinics in Danang and An Giang, and award recipients for vocational training scholarships.



OB Le Van Tuyen Memoriam Fund collected over $17,000 plus matching corporate funds !!!

 The fund was allocated to build a school in Danang, Vietnam, rewarded over 100 students in scholarships, and sponsored several mobile health vaccine trips for Danang.


Dear FamiLe,
It has been a quiet and private week for me to rest and just be in the moment.
I am surrounded with pure, blissful joy.
I just wanted to be in my own space to think about Ong Ba Noi and savor the togetherness,
the famiLe love, and the gratitude that I (and hopefully you all) felt that day.

I know now that I am not the only one who remembers Ong Ba Noi (OB Le Van Tuyen),
not just once a year but, throughout my daily life.
With this recently announced memoriam scholarship in loving memory of Ong Ba Le Van Tuyen, our famiLe hopes to celebrate OB Noi's legacies on
unconditional love for each other, their family, and their community.

As I recount the amount that our famiLe and extended famiLe have committed to the scholarship, I am filled with happiness and awe.
This was so much more than our famiLe can ever hoped for...
As a famiLe, we did it!

Then, when I think of Ong Noi, I always cry privately because I miss him so much.
During the preparation of the tribute book, I cried while reading your reflections
and writing my own.
Everyone misses Ong Ba Noi.
Everyone was trying to live in their ways on what OB Noi have taught them.
Now, I cry openly with gratitude after witnessing our famiLe and friends
share their love for OB Le Van Tuyen.
Unintentionally, preparing this tribute book has helped me to finally mourn for the
loss of Ong Noi from my life.
Watching others prepared and helped out in their ways let me know
that I am not alone.
My cousins (Alicia, Justin, Alex Phi, Chou & Kimsa) knew the urgency and helped the famiLe in scoring and covering the hardcovers of the tribute books.
My aunt-in-laws, co Lam lovingly arranged the simple but elegant flowers
for the mass and reception tables while co Nou made snacks for the party.
I was glad to see that our famiLe did not let Co Hoa
bear the full load (again) on preparing the mass and reception,
as she has done every year since 2001.
Rather, Chu Tho, Chu Tinh (Master of saxophone), my dad, Chu Phuoc, and many of their childhood friends were present to join in celebrating OB Noi's legacies.

It was awesome to see my dad feel the beat and danced the mambo. He always loved dancing as I always have. As my sister and I danced with him, it was just as if we were in high school again –learning the chachacha or tango from our dad.
But most memorable was -
Alex Phi’s man-breast and stomach rolls and Matthew Hoang's hip-hop dancing after Chu Phuoc’s twist. True famiLe classic!

Lastly, I was most impressed of my cousins' selflessness in entertaining the famiLe
I see Nick completely managing the wine & cheese section
while Justin and friend -Adrean, Ben Cao, & Huy Ho helped in the tables & equipment set-up.
Leading the older cousins in the Le fashion catwalk was our grown-up Alicia (my favorite youngest cousin) as Ong Noi and Kimsa as Ba Noi (duh).
Justin tango-ed with Maddie  as he created an entrance while doing the mambo like my dad.
Angela received the loudest applaud when she said "To Cha Mi" just as Ma' Bi'nh often says (lovingly or angrily)
Duc (my favorite male cousin) twisted freely in the middle of the dance floor like chu Phuoc.
Mimi (my favorite little sister) strutted in the famiLe t-shirt while whisking & pretending to be chu Loc - owner of franchise Jimmy's Eggs.
Joe (Hai Bu'a) was the perfect embodiment of Chu Tho as he nonchalantly walks out with a bottle of Opus One and TaylorMade golf club.  Gleefully, Joe patted his protruding stomach while smiling as Chu Tho often does...
Then, Tien Sa ong-eo, ong-eo to the center of the stage while carrying 4 purses in Co Hoa’s trademark Channel jacket.
Not to be outdone, Alex Phi smiled sheepishly when he walked to the center of the stage
in Chu Khoi’s eclectic & colorful pants.
Finally, Huy Ho purposefully walked out with THE stick and calls “Tin & Nicky, lay down” as Chu Dung had often done when they were younger…

This was a true famiLe gathering with full participation from Ong Buu Te & Bac Vinh My's family.
Co Chau's beautiful performance paid tribute to our Mothers and Ben Cao slides help to illustrate the meanings with famiLe pictures.

During the preparation time, Ben Cao validated expected audio and visual hook-ups while Co Chau Cao coordinated with Vinh My choir and Father Tin on the songs with J.B.

The entertainment was typical of our famiLe.
We danced and laughed with each other, family and friends,
in peace and love.

2008 Donors for
OB Le Van Tuyen Memoriam Scholarship
raised a total of $17,000 plus matching corporate funds
  • * Trang Le & Dzung Do
  • Alex Phi Le
  • Nick Nguyen
  • Kimmy Le
  • Lieu Dang
  • Maddie Do
  • BeBe & Gilbert
  • Trinh & Ngu~ Ho
  • Kim & Andrew Penridge
  • Nhut & Truc Tang
  • Duc & Hieu Tang
  • * Dung & Lam Le 
  • Tran & Rodney Hannor
  • Trung Van Le & Toan Bui
  • Chau & Jim Yoder
  • Tam Bao & Kim Oanh Tran
  • Katrina Ho
  • Ben Cao
  • Angela Le
  • Bao Qua
  • Tho & Nga Le
  • Justin Nguyen 
  • Khoi Van Le
  • Tien Sa Le
  • * Hoa & Xuan Nguyen
  • Loc & Hue Le
  • * Kimsa & Viet Hoang
  • Hoa & Anh Le 
  • Pierre & Loan Le
  • Minette Le
  • Matthew Viet Hoang
  • Joe & Jennifer Le
  • Phuong Lan Thi Le (friend of famiLe)
  • Vinh My family
  • Antoinette, Michele & Benjamin Cao
  • Huyen D Nguyen
  • Paul & Gina Le
  • Paul Le & Roland Nelson
  • *Alicia Nguyen
 * Le Van Tuyen Memoriam Fund Committee 2008-2010

Thanks to the professional photography services from William Le and Special Thanks to
Tram Lu, Truong Nguyen, and Benjamin Lee for creating a beautiful announcement frame for the OB Le Van Tuyen Memoriam Fund.