Milestones in 27 Years of Helping Disadvantaged Children in Vietnam

  •  1st Doctor of Medicine graduate who was a recipient of the CRP (Cattle Raising Program) and Higher Education Program. 
  •  Constructed and maintained operations of 24 elementary schools to date.
  • Awarded more than 15,000 scholarships totaling $1.5 Million USD
  •  Provided more than $200,000 USD in disaster relief to the rural area of Central Vietnam since 1995
  •  Provided basic medial services to more than 10,000 children & adults annually since 1999
  • Performed more than 3,000 free corrective surgeries for children since 1998
  • Produced more than 1,000 cows from the original 10 calves that started in the founding of the Cattle Raising Program (CRP) - a  livestock & husbandry loaning program - since 1996
  • Administered Hepatitis B vaccinations to more than 1,000 children since 2005
  • Funded the operations of a school for deaf and mute students in South Vietnam
  • Funded the construction of a dormitory for deaf and mute students at Hoa Sua Training Facility in Hanoi
  •  Funded the construction of a restaurant training facility at Hue-BLOOM Restaurant, Bloom Cake, and Bloom Saigon (2015)
  •  Built a youth center for the Svay Pak Project in Cambodia to help prevent child-trafficking at the borders of Vietnam & Cambodia

About Us:

Did You Know ?

All the programs are accomplished with a staff in the U.S. which received zero payment in administering and implementing the programs.  All the funds are channeled to the program development, implementation, maintenance, and continuous improvements for the underprivileged children in Vietnam.  The funding is provided by matching corporate grants, public and private foundations, and individual donors. 

​We accept each donor's contribution no matter how great or small with the deepest amount of gratitude. All work is voluntary and no staff member is ever paid​​ since 1988.

I​n November 1994, ACWP opened the first office in the City of Hue, in the Central region Vietnam, in order to continue providing assistance to the repatriated refugee minors, who could not find resettlement in other third-party countries and were sent back to Vietnam, once again as orphaned and displaced refugees in their own country.

Our mission has since evolved to serve the local orphaned and underprivileged children in the rural and remote areas of Central, Highland and South Vietnam, and the programs have since expanded into a wide range of services that include:

  • Cattle Raising Program (CRP) - Animal husbandry program
  • Educational Sponsorship (ESP) – Financial Aid from 1st – 12th grades
  • New Schools Program (NSP) – Funding for the construction of new schools
  • Higher Education Program (HEP) - Financial Aid for University level students.
  • Corrective Surgery Program (CSP) – Free corrective surgery
  • Emergency Relief Program (ERP) – Direct aids to victims of natural disasters
  • Mobile Healthcare Program (MHP) – A mobile medical outreach program
  • Vaccination & Hepatitis B Preventive Care (VAKC) – A vaccinations program.
  • Vocational Training – Bloom Restaurant & IT Vocational training
  • Saving Children In Crisis (SCIC)– Children Trafficking Prevention & Awareness
  • Training Learning Caring Program (TLCP) – An ideas exchange program to foster awareness and understanding among students from Vietnam and USA.
  • ACWP- kNOWLEDGE INNOVATIONS ACADEMY  – ACWP took a huge leap in 2016 to expand our mission and vision. We are    starting a non-profit post-secondary vocational school called Knowledge  Innovations   Academy! .                        The school will offer basic level courses in Accounting, Computer Applications, Culinary, Electronics Engineering Technician, and English. We believe that education has always been the root of change. Helping students develop marketable skills in addition to personnel development so students are able to contribute to society is our number one priority. We aim to provide career and education opportunities to children and disadvantaged people at the local and international level.
ACWP-Aid to Children Without Parents, 
​Since 1988

ACWP-Aid to Childen Without Parents, Inc

Founded in 1988 by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Huu, affectionately known as “Bac Huu,” and a group of professionals in response to the critical needs to assist thousands of unaccompanied Vietnamese refugee minors who were displaced & detained in various refugee camps throughout Southeast Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong in the late 1980’s.

Through friends, colleague and family members’ support, we raised needed funds to develop and support programs such as free classes at refugee camps, healthcare services, recreational and youth activities, seasonal celebration of Mid-Autumn, Christmas, and Tet festivals.

​ACWP’s mission is to help disadvantaged children gain self sufficiency through education, vocational training, preventive healthcare services, emergency relief programs, and short-term financial support.

Many children in the rural areas throughout Vietnam have limited access to education due to the low number of primary schools.   Aid to Children Without Parents (ACWP) partners with local communities to build additional schools and help establish other education infrastructure to fight illiteracy.

Our scopes have been focusing on building a set of interrelated programs to help better identify and address underprivileged children’s needs at an early age and continue into their teen years.  Ultimately, ACWP’s goal is to help build a strong academic foundation at all levels.  Consequently, these children can achieve self-reliance and self-sufficiency.  In this growing global economy, it is more critical to ensure that all children are provided with basic education which will help better prepare the children to transition into the work force.

27 Years in the making
ACWP was there at refugee camps in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines,Thailand, and Singapore
We were there when no one else cared  27 years later, our journey has just begun

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